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Monday, December 12, 2005

Guitar Hero

Even an oldskool gamer like me enjoys playing a rhythm game every now and long as there is NO dancing involved. Samba De Amigo is one of my favorites games, and as close to dancing as I will get. Pop'N Music and Taiko Drum Master would be cool if I could ever get a realistic arcade controller for it, not the chinsey plastic ones that come packaged with the PS2 games. Speaking of which, Guitar Hero was recenetly released for PS2, with a very favorable rating from Gamespot. Yet again, the chinesy plastic controller kinda kills the expierence. This game is based off the arcade version of Guitar Freaks that at least uses real wood in its scaled down (and dumbed down) version of a guitar. Guitar Hero choose to model its controller after a guitar I actually own, a Gibson SG Jr. Now if I could only get my guitar to work with this game, we'd be set. :-)

Here is the Guitar Hero controller.

My real Gibson SG Jr.

If you are curious about how Pop'N Music works in a real arcade, checkout this crazy video of an expert player.

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