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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Box of panels

Monday, September 01, 2008

Bee Storm: DoDonPachi II highscore

Bee Storm: DoDonPachi II gets little respect due to it not being made by Cave, but rather licensed for use by IGS to attempt their own arrange version to the seminal DoDonPachi. Trying to compare the two, as any sane game reviewer might, would make Bee Storm look like a complete piece of crap. You've got the same graphics, sounds and stage layouts, which make it appear like DoDonPachi, but thats where the similarity stops. Kaneda/NTSC-J had written an excellent review long ago on the clickstick forum, which unfortunately was lost when the site was deleted. Since the IGS hardware Bee Storm runs on is still not fully emulated, due to security encryption which has still not been cracked, it may be awhile before another review comes out.

I think this game is extremely fun, and pretty damn hard even on the "combat" (normal) setting. If I can 1CC combat mode, I may try writing a review. Until then, I've only made it to the 4th boss, which has the coolest intro music ever.

DJK - 367,326,600 - Stage 4 - Combat - Energy

Planet Harriers highscore

Played one credit today and had only a slight improvement. I really need a strategy if I'm going to get past stage 3. There are some guided missle attacks which are just unavoidable if you can't takeout a majority of the enemy before they fire.

DJK - 464,177 - Stage 3 (Lavaa) - X