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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu X360

I got this yesterday morning, and my eyeballs have been bleeding all different kinds of colors ever since. Cave really pushed this game to the visual limit, and made the Xbox 360 port fun with extra modes. A definite buy of any fan, regardless if you own the PCB or not.

I'm really looking forward to the special package version of DFK BL + Ketsui BL in February.


  1. Hey I was wondering what kind of setup you use to connect your 360 to the cab. I just got an Astro and I was thinking of maybe getting one of Viletim's adapters. Seems like that would be suitable. If you have any other suggestions let me know.

  2. More details on my setup here

    This only takes care of the controls. For video, I use direct VGA and stereo inputs on my Windy2 (love this cab and monitor!).

    If you want true 240p, you'll need to downscale the signal via UVC converter board, or Emotia box. Otherwise using Viletim's board will only get you 480i (which many people say looks fine). You could then also hack the controllers similarly to hook to Viletim's board.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Wait so with Viletim's adapter would I still need a tri-sync monitor then? I'm trying to figure out the best way to hook the 360 into my New Astro City.

  4. The Ultracade UVC isn't available anymore is it?

  5. You would need a 360 Euro SCART cable to use with Viletim's board, to give you 480i/15khz interlaced to your Astro monitor.

    If you are not content with the interlaced signal, the UVC can be used in place of Viletim's board to downscale the 360's VGA/480p to 240p RGB, and wire that directly to your monitor input or via a fingerboard to your jamma connector.

    The UVC is out of production, but overstock readily available on eBay.

  6. Have you seen the video output of Viletim's adapter first hand? I wish there were some videos of it in action.

  7. Antron brought Viletim's original adapter to one of my shmupmeets to play his sega genesis on my Astro cab, and looked great since it outputs 240p. I have not seen it used on a 360, but maybe you can ask Antron.