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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Astro Restoration

Last month I bought this fixer-upper from Kenchan on the shmups forum. I remember the same cabinet being offered on the sega-naomi forum awhile ago, due to the distict "Lyfer" graffiti scratched into the monitor. :(

Besides the ruined tube, the monitor chassis was non-functioning, the control panel wiring was a mess, and there was a ton of caked on dirt inside the cab.

Since I already had a spare tube, chassis, and panel sitting in my garage, the actual restoration time was just two weekends. I completely gutted it, hosed down the fiberglass frame, then put it back together with the replacement parts. I ran into one small problem with the replacement chassis, which came from an Egret II, but was able to make it compatible with the Astro monitor harness via a slight modification.

I documented the project via twitter using my yfrog picture stream. Here are a few select before and after shots:

And here is the finished cab.

Many thanks to Kenchan for driving this down from Reno!


  1. I think ... astro city is Masterpiece cabinet.
    How many cabinet in your gameroom?

  2. I have 13 cabinets in my gameroom now! Mostly japanese 29" cabinets, and some american classic wooden cabinets. ^_^