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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Planet Harriers Highscore

Beat my last highscore by a little over 100K. This time you can see how armed to the teeth I was when I hit the midpoint Star Shop on Stage 4.

Didn't help me much as the second set of enemy after the midpoint are the suiciding turtles, that you need to shoot down + extreme dodge all within 1 second of spotting them on the screen or its an instant hit taking 1 full heart. I think I must have gotten down to the last turtle that nailed me here giving me this 571K score.

DJK - 571,939 - Stage 4 (Lavaa)

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  1. Hi Dave

    I need help. I probably am the only other guy in the Bay Area that has a Namco EX machine also but my monitor is acting funny with it's V-hold.

    Can I email you w/ questions? jtam(a)