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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Live from Japan, its KET!

Woke up to a treat this morning. While on #shmups IRC someone posted a link to KET's Garegga Lab where KET was streaming a live broadcast of himself playing several Psikyo games, and of course Battle Garegga. After many attempts (and trying almost every character) he finally cleared the first loop of Sengoku Ace 2, then played several credits of Dragon Blaze (only making it to stage 5), and finally onto Battle Garegga.

The best part was that he was also streaming his voice live, and responding to peoples questions (posted in chat) while playing. He was also fond of humming parts of garegga's soundtrack while playing. :) Although 95% of it was in Japanese, he did answer a few short questions in english. Then after 2+ hours he excused himself saying it was 5am in Japan and wished everyone an enjoyable weekend.

Watching recorded superplays of pros from Japan can get pretty intimidating. So it was nice to watch KET play live, and make mistakes just like the rest of us would. Its easy to forget that supreplays are typically only one run out of a hundred (if even that).

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  1. Holy crap that sounds awesome. I wished I knew about this. That guy is a Garegga monster.