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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ibara is hard as nails

Finally the holidays are upon us, and this long Thanksgiving Day weekend means I get to spend quality time playing through some of my collection which hasn't been booted up in awhile.

The first board I dug out was Ibara, and let me tell you this game is not friendly to occasional play or beginners of any sort. Ibara's crazy rank, small hard to see bullets, mixed with massive amounts of debris should be expected of Yagawa/Raizing, but being his first produced game working for Cave, you'd think IKD would have taught him something about accessibility route of play style for the less than godly. It seems that conversation between IKD and Yagawa didn't happen for Pink Sweets either, being the pinnacle of rank manipulation. Although I haven't playing Muchi Muchi Pork, I hear that game is much easier to get into with one or two of the characters.

Anyway, back to Ibara. Without a rank or scoring strategy, its just not fun playing when you get owned by the bosses. Perhaps playing the PS2 port would be better as I could restart quicker, and practice particular sections until I get them down. It seems that to make any real headway in this game, I'd have to study the replays and put in a concerned effort to memorize their strategies. Oh well back on the shelf you go, for another rainy day/weekend.


  1. PS arranged is quickly becoming my favorite mode on the PS/MMP disc.

  2. Pink Sweets Arrange mode is based off the Battle Bakraid chaining system, so if you like that you should also like Bakraid (one of my favorites!)

  3. On Second thought, Bakraid is much more difficult to chain than PS Arrange, so you might not like it as much, but hopefully it will give you a idea how the developers viewed the chaining system (most people on think the system was broken and you are not supposed to suicide so many times).