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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Double Wings highscore

Double Wings is a Raiden clone, but with ships that move at modern shmup speeds. This makes the game a lot easier, and (in my opinon) more fun. As such, it only took a couple days to clear the first loop (with the aid of an autofire board). The second loop contains a strange combination of the same levels plus some new sections if you do not die. The moment you die, the rest of the level returns to the same as the first loop.

Here is my best score, the star indications second loop, stage 3 section 2 (there are 4 sections to each stage).

DJK - 1,857,100 3-2 (2nd loop)


  1. Good to see some updates - and that you are back to gaming intently. Congrats on the marriage and high scores!

  2. Thanks! Its good to be back in the swing of things. :-)