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Friday, February 01, 2008

Side blog

With all the copious amount of free time I have (yeah right!), I started a small side blog to document my thoughts on "Dual Play" also known as "Double Play". This alternate way of playing certain shmup games has rekindled my interest in older (early 90s) shooters, and has given me a new appreciation for some games I got burnt out on (i.e. Viper Phase 1). I find it quite challenging and exciting to be able to pull off some cool looking runs with symmetrical patterns. Of course I'll never be as good as VTF-INO and his awesome Ikaruga double play, but I never try to emulate superplays either.


  1. Hey good choice for a blog topic. I'll hope to see some new videos in the future. :p I would like to disagree with you on the arcade-stick/gamepad comments though. It's not always particularly comfortable or efficient using one hand on a ps or gc controller, in some games it's just downright impossible. For games like Gradius, Shikigami no Shiro, or Radien It's fine just mapping the buttons to L1,L2,square on controller one and the R buttons for controller two. But something like Baldur's Gate for example: I have to resort to using the left analog stick and L buttons with the pinky, and the rest with the first and second finger, and basically reversed for player two...oddly some games I never use my thumb at all. :/ While with Ikaruga you pretty much have to swith to tate and flip each controller 90 degrees counterclockwise. I do enjoy my MAME DoDonPachi with only one controller though, I sheepishly admit. ;)

    Sad that Arcades in the states are a dying breed nowadays. Seize the day..

    @dm: lol

  2. Good point. I guess when I was thinking about it being easier on a console controller, I was thinking games that had the ability to run both ships on a single Dual Shock controller (like Raiden 3) or can remap the buttons/sticks on the single controller (pc emulators or the like). Otherwise playing with two dual shocks (or GC pads)could be rather difficult. :-)