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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Planet Harriers

Planet Harriers came out in 2000/2001. Everyone was praying for a Dreamcast port that would never happen. There was a cab near me in Milpitas at the Van's Skate Park, but I think I only played it once, at $1 a credit. When it comes to playing arcade games for money, I'm a total cheapass gamer!

After it was confirmed that Planet Harriers was not coming out for the Dreamcast (or Gamecube), I went back to that arcade to try playing it some more, but the place had closed down. I'd never seen this cab anywhere since then, so I was not going to pass up an opportunity to buy this rare beauty at a good price. And then it happened! Of course I didn't get such a great deal on it without there being some problems that I'll have to fix. First problem being both analog joysticks were completely shot, and then both monitors had either the red or green color cutting out at random times. With Spy Hunter now behind me, let my next big project begin!Free Image Hosting at


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  4. It's pretty awesome that you managed to buy one of these. I've been wondering about this game since seeing a preview in Edge magazine maybe over ten years ago.

    Any chance you'd write a review for my site? And also add to the review some pics, a couple of videos, etc?

  5. Hi Alex, my writing sucks, but I'd be glad to try and do a review for your site! I know there isn't a lot of info about this game, so I'd love to give it a proper review. I just have to play it a lot more to get past just the first 3 levels though. ;-)

  6. Start playing then!

    But, seriously, don't worry about getting too far into it. Reaching the fourth boss should just about do it. If I waited until I cleared a game I'd never review anything.

    You could always credit-feed the last few stages just in case there are dramatic changes later on, but if you don't feel like spoiling it for youself I'll understand. You went to so much trouble to get hold of it, after all.

    As for the review, as long as you don't try to assume a serious tone (as many first-time reviewers do) I am sure it will come out fine. The most important thing is knowledge of the subject, and you've got that in spades. It also helps if you imagine that you are talking to a friend who is as enthusiastic about the game as you are. Just keep it plain, freeform, and don't be afraid of adding a personal touch (you could spend a paragraph or two, for example, going into the whole experience of buying and restoring it).

    Besides, I'll be sure to go over it the review carefully afterwards, editing it and suggesting changes, if necessary.

    I'll also include a link back to your blog at the bottom.

    So let me know when you've got something! And perhaps you can do G-Stream later... :)

  7. In fact, come to think of it, the two paragraphs of this blog post could very well serve as the two first paragraphs of the review...

    You'd be plagiarising yourself!

  8. Oh man G-Stream! I really liked that game but set it aside to work on my Batrider score. Yes, that will definately be next!

  9. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    this is a very nice cab !!!

    i never heard about that game ...

    you should post a video about that game ;-)

  10. hehe! Fred (arcade-fever)

    You can find some credit feeding footage on IGN here:

    If I ever get proper capture hardware, I'll definitely make a proper replay.

  11. Whatever you paid was worth the price. Planet Harriers is INCREDIBLE. I don't know if they could even bring it home with the same feel to it. Playing this game makes you feel like a TOTAL BADASS.

  12. Thanks for the well timed comments Alain, as I was recently thinking about selling this to reclaim some space in my garage, but now maybe I'll wait on it since PH is indeed badass, and could never replicate the same experience in a home/console port, or even Mame...if they ever do get around to emulating Hikaru hardware.