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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The things we do for love

Not exactly arcade related, but on some level just as masochistic as playing shmups. Having a girlfriend who is studying optometry for an OD degree, means I get to play guinea pig to her poking, prodding, lid flipping, corneal staining, dilating, phoropting, picture taking fun. That last part, the picture taking, is no cakewalk either. She shoves what looks like a jewlers lens against my cornea with her bare hand, and holds it there while using a camera (which is on a stand 4 inches away from my face) with light shining directly into my eye to take pictures for about an hour and a half. Did I forget to mention I don't wear glasses or have any vision problems? least not yet...

So now, I give you, the optic disc/nerve of my left eye:
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  1. now I can steal your biometric data for nefarious future uses - don't install that retinal scan device on your arcade just yet! ;)


  2. Better than having some nefarious person take out my eyeballs I suppose (ala Minority Report). :-)